More RFM Information

These are more scholarly pieces related to RFM

Thoughts on RFM Scoring 2000 by John Miglautsch

RFM and CLV: Using Iso-value Curves for Customer Base Analysis 2005 by Peter S. Fader, Bruce G. S. Hardie & Ka Lok Lee

Discovering RFM Sequential Patterns From Customers’ Purchasing Data 2009 (presentaton slides) By YL Chen, MH Kuo, SY Wu, K Tang

Classifying the segmentation of customer value via RFM model and RS theory 2009 by Ching-Hsue Cheng, You-Shyang Chen

A Heuristic Approach to Predictive Modeling… RFM Analysis 2015 by Ashutosh Kar, Mihir Ghosh, Nitish, Raghuveer, Kodali, Sangitha Ajith, Sri Valli, Purba H. Rao